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Construction & Real Estate

Accounting services for the construction & real estate industry

Managing a construction and or real estate development company today poses many challenges, requiring management to constantly adapt to an ever changing environment. Successful relationships must be made with clients, financial institutions and holding companies, all while adhering to special tax regulations appropriate to the industry.

Reducing the tax exposure of construction companies makes good business sense. Members of our tax team are skilled in delivering creative tax strategies designed to take full advantage of the law.

Strategic Planning
Achieving success in an ever-changing environment, poses unique challenges to strategic outcomes. We work with clients to establish strategies to meet these challenges. We can help:

  • Analyze strategic goals and develop a plan for achieving goals
  • Design and implement organizational improvement and succession plans
  • Negotiate financing terms and assess bonding company alternatives
  • Assess capital structure adequacy
  • Identify if necessary, new funding sources and opportunities

Tax Planning
Proper tax planning is an essential component of any organization’s success. Our team of tax professionals is trained to understand your business goals and can help develop a tax plan to meet those goals.

Our team can evaluate:

  • Tax-deferred exchanges
  • Captial gains and specialized tax credit planning
  • Investor tax implications
  • Development cost allocations
  • Transaction-specific tax planning strategies
  • Anticipate and resolve controversies with taxing authorities

Risk Management
Certain core elements of risk management are incorporated into our core audit and tax services. However, from time to time we are called in to work with our clients in a collaborative manner to help develop a tailored plan for improved risk management. We work in a team effort with attorneys, insurance professionals and other financial experts to perform a comprehensive review of the risks your company face and the development of a plan to mitigate those risks. The scope of these engagements can be limited to providing enhanced identification of contractor specific internal control risks or as expansive as the development of a company-wide compliance and risk management program.

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